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Corporate Data Center Shutdown

Case Study As companies transition to the cloud, they are permanently closing corporate data centers. See how SLS helped a global insurance provider.

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Building a Closed Loop Take-back Program

Case Study – Increasing financial return while decreasing environmental impact go hand-in-hand with this take-back program.

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Decommissioning Data Center Equipment

Case Study – Learn how our secure and integrated services help Riot Games mitigate the risk associated with moving and retiring data bearing assets.

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Making Sustainability Profitable

Case Study In this case study, discover how SLS, partnering with HP, developed a closed-loop plastic recycling solution. rHIPS and ABS plastic is recovered from recycled materials and is used to manufacture new products.

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Developing Sustainable Partnerships

Case Study SLS works closely with our clients to optimize material recycling and minimize environmental impact. It’s great to work with clients who are genuinely dedicated to working towards a truly circular economy.

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Sensitive Data Destruction

Case Study Working under tight deadlines, SLS securely destroyed digital data on hard drives on-site at five client locations. Same day Certificates of Data Destruction were provided.

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Evaluating Your Recycler

Tip Sheet Do you need to compare different electronic recycling vendors? This tip sheet offers 5 recommendations for you to consider. Selecting a reputable vendor ensures your data is protected and equipment is responsibly recycled.

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Six ITAD Tips Too Important to Ignore

Tip Sheet This five page white paper offers 6 tips for building a successful IT asset disposal program. Systematic handling of assets, risk management, data security, inventory tracking, reporting, asset resale and recycling are discussed.

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Decommissioning Checklist

Checklist This handy checklist poses 25 questions covering 5 topics that offers a quick and easy overview of how to select a decommissioning vendor for your data center. Topics include on-site services, data security, tracking and reporting, resale of retired assets and recycling of obsolete electronics.

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5 Characteristics of a Strong Precious Metals Recovery Program

Tip Sheet How to ensure better financial returns on your precious metal bearing material.

Choosing Your ITAD Vendor

Checklist Use the following checklist as a reference to know what to ask of your global ITAD vendor to ensure they will support your needs and requirements.

Global ITAD White Paper

White Paper Most companies seek a compliant, consistent and data secure ITAD program. This white paper guides you through building an effective global IT asset disposition program.

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Five Ways to Strengthen Your Data Security Program

White Paper When data bearing assets are retired and removed from your workplace, it is critical to ensure assets are securely handled and a plan is in place to ensure all data is destroyed. This white paper offers 5 important tips for strengthening your data security.

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Global Data Center Decommissioning

White Paper This “how-to” guide provides a 10-step approach to systematically plan your data center decommissioning project. The steps include a site audit, physical decommissioning, asset list reconciliation, data destruction, reuse and/or recycling and reporting.

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Retired Electronics in a Circular Economy

White Paper An introduction to the Circular Economy and the role of retired electronics.

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Sustainable Data Center Decommissioning

White Paper There are opportunities for data center owners and operators to boost their sustainability credentials through decommissioning of hardware.

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Don't Build Your ITAD Program on Misunderstandings

White Paper The details matter when managing your ITAD program. Discover key misunderstandings that can lead to unnecessary data and environmental risks.

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