Companies are permanently closing corporate data centers as more workload transitions to the cloud. SLS can return these data centers to a clean sweep empty space, removing and shipping all equipment to one of our processing facilities. There the equipment is evaluated and either prepared for redeployment, resell through e-commerce channels or sold to specialized buyers. Any obsolete equipment is responsibly recycled.

Benefits of Using SLS

Complete decommissioning, data destruction, asset resale and recycling, all from a single vendor.  We handle it all, giving you:

  • The convenience of working with a single vendor
  • Confidence that data is destroyed and inventory is accurately counted
  • Advanced refurbishment capabilities which helps increase asset and component reuse, and decrease the need for recycling
  • Access to our expert remarketing team and their proven resell program
  • Top dollar in resale in the secondary market
  • Assurance that your obsolete equipment is recycled responsibly
  • A sustainability success story – the reuse and recycling of electronics decreases demand for resources used to produce new products and reduces landfill volumes
data center decommissioning

Additional Services

Co-Located Data Center Services

We routinely work in colocated data centers, on behalf of our clients, to remove equipment from their designated cage area. We are registered at many data centers and our technicians have been approved to go on-site by data center managers. We deinstall servers and blades and can destroy data prior to equipment being shipped to one of our processing centers.

Bulk Hard Drive Destruction

We have data destruction equipment sized to handle small and large jobs. Erasing drives allows for data-safe resell of drives. If drive destruction is required, we provide solutions for magnetic drives and tapes, solid state and optical storage media.

Decommissioning Checklist

Do you have an upcoming decommissioning project? View our “Checklist for Selecting a Decommissioning Vendor” for ideas on how to evaluate potential service providers.

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See How We Do It

We handle it all, including services at the data center, packing and shipping equipment, and reuse and recycling of retired data center equipment. Learn more about our process.

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