Regional and Global Electronics Recycling and ITAD Services

Companies today are seeking an integrated e-waste recycling and IT asset disposition (ITAD) program which supports corporate compliance programs, data security mandates, financial return on assets and environmental best practices. SLS offers solutions built on these foundational requirements. SLS can help companies navigate unique legislative requirements that vary from country to country regarding data security and e-waste disposal and documentation.

As a global leader in the secure, sustainable and responsible reuse and recycling of electronics and IT assets, SLS provides environmentally responsible e-waste recycling and IT asset disposition (ITAD) programs which ensure 100% digital data destruction.

Our worldwide network of certified processing facilities, with no export mandates, reinforces our overall sustainable business model, and closed loop approach to responsible electronic recycling and IT asset disposition (ITAD).  Our processing facilities are strategically located near population centers, offering convenience, minimizing freight costs and simplifying logistics.  We stand ready to support local, regional and global electronics recycling and ITAD programs.

As a part of Sims Limited, the world’s leading publicly listed metal and electronics recycler, SLS has the global reach, expertise, and infrastructure necessary to ensure to our customers that all electronic devices are processed in a secure and environmentally responsible manner.

ITAD and Electronics Recycling

ITAD Services

SLS offers ITAD services through a global network of owned and operated facilities and strategic partnerships with vetted subcontractors. Services include the management and control of the entire asset disposition process, including transport, coordination, asset tracking, resale, recycling and reporting.

Our single source solution allows companies to develop a program that meets corporate compliance programs and regulatory requirements. Our processes are tightly integrated and we are trusted by many companies throughout the world.

ITAD Services Information

E-waste Recycling Services

SLS offers a complete e-waste solution on a local, national and global scale. Our service portfolio is aimed at maximizing the level of service to you and creating value throughout the reverse supply chain and includes:

  • Complete e-waste management services
  • Higher yield on materials by using best available technologies
  • Certified and responsible recycling processes
  • Compliance with all local regulations for e-waste, worldwide
Recycling Services Information

Why choose SLS? We offer:

  • Comprehensive services to fully support global clients
  • The breadth and depth to handle complex logistics and reuse and recycling programs
  • Transparent, audited and reliable supply chains providing you with confidence that your retired electronics are being environmentally, ethically and sustainably managed
  • Defined chain of custody for complete compliance requirements
  • Guaranteed and documented digital data destruction
  • Environmentally responsible handling and disposition of all electronic equipment
  • Legal compliance as well as a potential financial return from the resale of refurbished equipment.
  • Financial stability – As a global publicly listed company we support governance and invest in the necessary resources to ensure you are protected

Our Company

SLS is a business of Sims Limited, a publicly traded company, SGM (ASX), SMSMY (OTC).  All of the Sims businesses specialize in providing resource recovery solutions to support circular economy initiatives.

SLS provides convenient and industry-leading electronic reuse and recycling options to companies of all sizes and across most industries.  Our clients tend to be larger, multi-site locations with strict environmental and data security requirement.

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