Global ITAD, E-Waste Recycling and Data Center Services

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Our global services enable businesses, data centers and electronics manufacturers to repurpose used IT assets and electronic equipment in a data secure and environmentally compliant manner. Extending the lifecycle of IT assets and data center hardware plays an integral role in the circular low-carbon economy. Recycling makes resources available to make new products.

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Our Services

Our broad capabilities enable us to meet specific program requirements today and new initiatives tomorrow. We process a wide range of asset types, manage complex logistics, offer reuse and recycling services and provide verified data destruction across multiple form factors.

We provide chain of custody tracking and visibility into how all assets are managed. Our data center decommissioning and on-site data destruction services are valued and trusted by data center managers.

Sims Innovation Lab

Our innovation lab in Tampa, Florida serves as a centralized hub for developing and piloting new services, building the technology to support our online remarketing platforms and optimizing our resale channels. Our eyes are firmly focused on delivering best in class, standardized, global ITAD services for the IT and data center landscapes of today, tomorrow and well beyond.

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Our smart and disciplined operating principles and industry-leading infrastructure makes sense for both your bottom line and your sustainability goals.

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Learn more about how SLS works with clients to improve your ITAD program and data center decommissioning projects.

Industry Certifications

SLS’ strong certification profile demonstrates to clients that our facilities are responsibly managed, adhere to local, regional and international regulations and demonstrate best industry practices.

A Business Division of Sims Limited

Sims Lifecycle Services is a business division of Sims Limited, a publicly traded company, SGM (ASX), SMSMY (OTC). Sims Limited and each of its business divisions play an integral role in the circular economy by making resources available for future use. Our purpose, create a world without waste to preserve our planet, is what drives us to constantly innovate and offer new solutions in the circular economy for consumers, businesses, governments and communities around the world. For investor information or to learn more about our sustainability goals and initiatives, visit our corporate website.

Other Business Divisions

Sims Metal

Buys and processes scrap metal from businesses, other recyclers and the general public. With over 200 processing facilities globally, a leading metal recycling company.

Sims Resource Renewal

A leading circular business that operates in line with the waste hierarchy by using material left over from the metal recycling process to create new products.

Leverage Our Expertise and Global Network

Sims Lifecycle Services (SLS) was founded in 2002 to address the growing issue of compliant disposition of retired electronics. We employ over 800 people and offer globally coordinated ITAD and e-waste recycling services for our clients.

As a publicly traded company, our size, financial stability and status provide assurances that compliance and liability promises are backed by a stable and reputable company.

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Our new Circular Center in Chicago and Nashville support data centers  as they strategically reconfigure and redeploy racks and manage spare parts inventory.

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Learn more about how SLS works with clients to achieve better results from your ITAD program and data center decommissioning projects.

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