The Right Service at the Right Time and at the Right Price

Simplify the movement of your IT assets and electronic equipment with integrated forward and reverse logistics management. We support a wide range of clients, with regional, national and global logistics inbound and outbound logistics needs. Each client has different levels of security required and shipments can range from single products to full containers.

Secure Chain-of-Custody

SLS offers confidence and peace-of-mind after your shipment has left your facility. We provide efficient and timely pickups, proactive communication and a secure chain-of-custody throughout processing.

Optimized Logistics and Minimized Costs

Leverage our extensive experience in reverse logistics and movement of materials to efficiently transport your electronic equipment to one of our world class processing facilities.


Global Shipments – The Letter of the Law Matters

Cross-boundary movement of retired assets can be problematic if not properly managed. Leverage SLS’ expertise to avoid non-compliance penalties and ensure secure handling and costs are properly managed.

Packing and Shipping IT Assets

Properly packing IT assets provides the following benefits:

You’ll Save Time and Money with These Packing Tips

We encourage clients to review these guidelines for shipping laptops, servers, monitors, hard drives, printers and computer accessories. Guidelines include packing materials needed and tips for how different equipment requires different packing.

Please note: These instructions do not describe security measures for any data bearing equipment. It is assumed that data has been destroyed on servers, laptops and hard drives prior to packing or that assets will be shipped using a secure shipping method. SLS provides on-site data destruction services for businesses if needed.

Stacking Boxes on Pallets

Tips to ensure boxes are stacked so they don’t shift in transit.

Batteries: Batteries are fire hazards and have special packaging requirements.  All batteries should be stored in a cool, dry environment. If you have batteries to send to SLS, please consult with your client services team to obtain directions about packaging batteries to ensure fire prevention.