What We Do

We reclaim and refine precious metals from waste streams, typically as a byproduct of complex manufacturing processes. We also recover precious metals from production scrap, off-spec parts and components, prototypes, and obsolete inventories. We offer global refining services, based out of Sims’ precious metal refinery located in North America.

Industries We Serve

Our broad capabilities allow us to provide solutions for a range of waste streams, manufacturing scrap and obsolete and broken equipment with precious metal content.


Trust Sims to process your materials in a safe and environmentally friendly way.

A Quick Introduction to SLS Precious Metals

Interested in learning more about our services. Take 2 minutes and take a quick tour of our refining capabilities.

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Score Your Current Program

Send us actual data from previous loads, or detailed photos of the material ready to refine, then we’ll provide you with a detailed financial analysis.

*Some specialty services described are only available regionally.