The Sims Portal

The Sims Portal provides a secure and user friendly platform for managing ITAD and recycling services, tracking IT assets and generating reports. The Sims Portal provides a holistic view of equipment, from the time an order is placed to final disposition. Work orders are centrally managed and asset reuse and recycling reports are conveniently available.

A roles based access control system enables authorized users to securely log in from anywhere.

Data Integration for Client Assets

SLS is able to support EDI or API integration to client systems to seamlessly share information about asset disposition.

Multi-Site Support

SLS recognizes the importance of managing information from your multiple office locations and providing a holistic view of assets. Reports can be generated based on shipping location. During onboarding, we can pre-populate the portal with information about each of your locations and point of contact for quick setup.

Report by Item – Asset Reporting

Clients want item by item reporting for data bearing assets and assets that are resold or redeployed. We provide several standard reports that provide chain of custody proof points that confirm assets receipt, count and condition. Reports include make, model, serial number, asset tag, date received, weight and how and when the asset was reused or recycled. SLS supports multiple currencies and additional data capture for clients with unique requirements.

Dashboard View

Besides our standard reports, the Sims Portal supports customized lookups and reports. Search by category, client reference number, model, order number or received data. View asset specific information including category, description and diagnostic results.

electronics recycling

Electronic Recycling – Weight Reports

If the unit of measure for client reports is by weight, pre-processing will include weighing shipments as they are received and accounting for commodity recovery after recycling. When required, equipment to be recycled can be sorted by type or material to facilitate more detailed client reporting based on weight, material type and piece count.

Certificate of Destruction

The Certificate of Destruction provides proof that all e-waste or other proprietary equipment has been destroyed and disposed in an environmentally compliant manner.

Certificate of Responsible Recycling

The Certificate of Recycling provides proof that all assets have been responsibly recycled.

Additional Reporting

Data Destruction

We provide Certificates of Data Destruction to confirm data has been destroyed, compliant with relevant regulations and standards. It is common to include project number, client name, asset numbers, serial number of hard drive and asset type.

QBR quarterly business review

Financial Reporting

Financial reporting provides financial settlement details by asset. This report also documents date received, the client location from which the equipment was received, make, model, serial number, asset ID and weight, if applicable. Client use this report to close out internal financial and asset management records. Client defined fields are available for additional data capture when required.

wind turbine

Certificate of Sustainability

The Certificate of Sustainability shows the beneficial environmental offsets (carbon emission reduction) gained by reusing and recycling retired IT assets and electronics. Carbon emission reductions can be calculated based on number of IT assets disposed or can be calculated based on weight (in lbs or kgs) of e-waste recycled.

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