Equipment We Process and Remarket

The most common shipments we receive from businesses include both electronics that have reuse potential and equipment that is old and has no useful life. It’s our job to quickly assess whether to reuse or recycle the equipment. Recognizing that reusing electronics provides better environmental results and financial returns to our clients, we offer refurbishment, redeployment and resell services to optimize reuse potential.

Reuse of equipment eliminates the emissions associated with manufacturing new products, conserves natural resources by reducing the need for raw materials and avoids sending associated waste to landfills. This demonstrates both fiscal and environmental responsibility.

Understanding that recycling is necessary in the ITAD process, SLS proactively is at the forefront of improving recycling technology. We invest in equipment that provides cleaner commodities that can more effectively be used to manufacture new products.

laptops stacked ready for refurbishment
computer processor

Purposeful Repurposing

Items we process and refurbish that yield the highest returns in the secondary market include:

  • Data center equipment
  • Laptops and desktops
  • Storage media
  • Parts, including memory, processors and circuit boards
  • Networking equipment

Products Not Accepted

We do not accept equipment that contain liquids, gasses, or radioactive material or items that may be too large for us to accommodate in the SLS facilities.

An Industry Note

Special handling is required for some components when recycling assets. As a responsible recycler, we manually remove these items from assets prior to recycling. They are packaged and sent to audited downstream vendors for final processing.

Certified ITAD Services

SLS seeks certifications to demonstrate to clients that our Circular Centers adhere to local, regional and country regulations.

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Did You Know?

Sims Metal Offers Global Metal Recycling Services

Sims Metal is a sister company of Sims Lifecycle Services. Depending on the type of material, we may engage with Sims Metal to process large loads of metal equipment such as steel racks, copper wire or other gear.

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