The most common shipments we receive from businesses will include both electronics that have reuse potential and equipment that is old and has no useful life. It’s our job to quickly assess whether to reuse or recycle the equipment. Recognizing that reusing electronics provides better environmental results, we offer refurbishment, redeployment and resell services to optimize reuse potential.

SLS proactively is at the forefront of improving recycling technology. We invest in equipment that provides cleaner commodities that can more effectively be used to manufacture new products.

Products We Accept for Recycling

The expandable list below provides a general idea of the types of IT assets and e-waste we accept for IT asset disposition and e-recycling.

Material Not Accepted

We do not accept equipment that contain liquids, gasses, or radioactive material or items that may be too large for us to accommodate in the SLS facilities. We handle most types of batteries, and can accept “loose” batteries if they have been packaged properly for transport.

An Industry Note

Batteries, toners, inks, mercury bulbs, and CRT monitors are the common items that require special handling when recycling assets. Responsible recyclers will manually remove these hazardous items from assets prior to recycling. They will be packaged and sent to downstream vendors for final processing.

An Important Tip

It is important to audit a recycler to ensure they are not excessively allowing these hazards to accumulate in their processing center.  There have been many documented cases where leaded glass from CRT monitors have been stockpiled and abandoned by less than reputable recyclers.

It is equally important to ensure they are sending hazardous materials to reputable downstream vendors who are audited on a regular basis.

WEEE, Consumer Electronics and Small Domestic Appliances (SDA)

Laws governing consumer e-recycling vary by region.  Click button below for more information on how we support e-waste recycling.

Certified Recycling

SLS seeks certifications to demonstrate to clients that our facilities adhere to local, regional and federal regulations.

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Did You Know?

Metal Recycling

Sims Metal is a sister company of Sims Lifecycle Services. Depending on the type of material, we may engage with Sims Metal to process large loads of metal equipment such as steel racks, copper wire or other gear.

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