Returns Management

SLS works behind the scenes with electronic manufacturers to recover value from IT asset returns. Typically, these returns will be warrantied products, decommissioned used equipment or lease returns from businesses and data centers.

The goals of these programs are to:

  • Systematically manage returns
  • Assess how to maximize value recovery throughout the supply chain
  • Refurbish and redeploy whole units
  • Recover spare parts for repair of in-service assets
  • Responsibly recycle broken and obsolete equipment
mobile phone refurbishment

Parts Recovery

Parts recovered can be:

  • Used to replenish spare parts inventory
  • Sold through our well-established e-commerce channels
  • Used for refurbishment and repair of warranty products
  • Distributed within the manufacturers supply chain for repair

Certified and Audited Facilities

Channel Returns

Many Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) need to destroy large quantities of their product from time to time. This may be the result of surplus inventory, out-of-date models, defective merchandise or channel returns. SLS’s “Brand Protection through Destruction” program provides reverse logistics and guarantees destruction of this equipment, ensuring it will not re-enter the marketplace or appear on resale or auction sites.

SLS is sensitive to the issues surrounding the unauthorized use and resale of consumer electronics on the gray market, and actively work with our clients to ensure the integrity of their brand, data and trade secrets. Electronic OEMs trust SLS to ensure products are kept off the grey market and to provide complete documentation of destruction.

Services for Electronics OEMs

Returns management and reverse supply chain support.

*Some specialty services described are only available regionally.