SLS offers secure, guaranteed destruction and a documented audit trail to provide proof that proprietary equipment is destroyed. Verified destruction is particularly important when destroying prototypes and when companies recall equipment to meet regulatory compliance mandates or brand protection directives.

Because of the sensitive nature of these programs, we work closely with manufacturers to ensure your reputation is protected and your program is managed with full accountability and security.

Prototype Destruction

Ensure your trade secrets are protected with secure destruction of proprietary prototypes. We will deface, destroy and catalog your proprietary equipment.

Working in a consultative manner, we routinely develop custom programs for manufacturers to ensure their equipment is handled per their strict requirements.

Certificates of destruction are provided.

Audited Destruction of Recalled Equipment

Occasionally, manufacturers need to recall, track and destroy equipment or products. We support your need for complete control over destruction of your proprietary equipment.

Our disciplined and secure supply chain and systematic handling and shredding of equipment, parts, and sensitive material ensure your confidentiality is maintained and that material is handled in an environmentally responsible manner.

Manufacturers implementing these programs typically require confirmation that once the recalled products have been removed from their primary distribution channels, they have been properly destroyed.

  • Secure transportation to SLS facility
  • Tracking by weight, item count or serial number, depending on manufacturer’s requirements
  • Corresponding inventory reporting, based on how items are tracked (weight, item count, serial number)
  • Photos taken at SLS receiving confirming quantities and condition
  • Secured storage or products prior to destruction
  • Witnessed destruction via webcam or in person
  • Certificates of Destruction
  • Data destruction (when required)

Services for Electronics OEMs

The range of after market services needed by electronics manufacturers can vary broadly from one manufacturer to another. We listen to your unique requirements, make suggestions when appropriate and agree on program parameters. The program is documented and final processes are published and available across all SLS facilities.

Witnessed Destruction

Witnessed Destruction

Some situations require that clients witness the destruction of their proprietary equipment or sensitive data bearing assets. SLS can accommodate this verified destruction by a webcam or by hosting the client at our facility providing the physical destruction.

Certified and Audited Facilities

SLS Safeguards Your Reputation

Because SLS is committed to safeguarding your company’s reputation, we use our expertise and infrastructure to protect your confidential corporate information, properly destroy your equipment and provide you with verification of that destruction, minimizing the impact a product recall has to your operations.

*Some specialty services described are only available regionally.