Experts at Repurposing Data Center Equipment

Reusing and recycling retired data center equipment provides a financial return to data centers in addition to playing an important role in the circular economy, where resources are preserved and reused instead of being discarded. Sims Lifecycle Services (SLS) specializes in providing higher value services in the circular economy such as refurbishing and parts harvesting. Our investment in new technologies extracts more material value, helping to close the loop for a more sustainable future while optimizing financial return to our customers.

Colocation, Enterprise and Edge Data Center Services

Decommissioning Racks and Servers

SLS is a key player in helping companies manage decommissioned IT equipment. Working on-premise at your data center, or at one our leading Circular Centers, we handle it all. Let SLS help with rack decommissioning, cage cleanouts, inventory reconciliation, data destruction, equipment resale and responsible recycling. We manage the entire process including creating project plans for large projects to manage resources and timelines.

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Solutions for Cloud Data Centers

Cloud providers and hyperscalers trust SLS to develop custom scalable solutions for decommissioning racks, repurposing retired equipment and destroying data on-site or off-site. Our work includes:

  • Direct projects at your data center, including staffing.
  • Processing and repurposing racks and servers at SLS Circular Centers.
  • Reuse and recycling services for whole units and parts, thereby sustainably extending the lifecycle of IT equipment.
  • Building and operating dedicated Circular Centers for managing custom equipment recovery projects.

Benefits of Using SLS

SLS provides:

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Why Destroy Data On-Premise?

Don’t take any unnecessary risks. When security is absolutely paramount, you need to ensure your data is destroyed while data bearing equipment is still in your custody. This removes all data risks associated with transporting material. 

SLS offers a range of services for destroying sensitive data at the data center. We help you meet regulatory requirements for data protection and avoid non-compliance penalties.  

SLS offers data destruction services for:

  • Disk arrays, including storage area networks (SAN) and network area storage (NAS)
  • Magnetic drives
  • Solid state drives
  • Backup tapes

Data Center Services

SLS is trusted across the globe for managing decommissioned equipment and secure data destruction.

Decommissioning FAQ

Seven topics to help ensure your next decommissioning project is completed without a hitch.

Data Centers and the Circular Economy

White paper from SLS, in partnership with the Dutch Data Center Association

This whitepaper includes results from a survey, conducted amongst Dutch data center operators, reflecting the current IT circularity status in the region. Furthermore, the paper illustrates the steps the industry needs to take to become circular.