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Electronic OEM Product Takeback Programs

SLS works with electronics manufacturers to help them meet extended producer responsibility requirements. Our comprehensive compliance services ensure that end-of-life equipment is collected and responsibly processed according to regional and state legislative requirements.

SLS is uniquely positioned to help electronic OEMs navigate the complex matrix of regional and country laws and implement electronic recycling programs to meet your take-back requirements for each jurisdiction.

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)

On-Line Support

SLS offers a portal to support mail back programs as required by regional legislation. This portal offers a convenient solution to help OEMs meet extended producer responsibility requirements by providing a convenient way for consumers to recycle obsolete electronics.

Portal offers:

  • Manufacturer branded websites
  • Website pages created and hosted by Sims
  • Support for mail back program
  • Convenient generation of prepaid mailing label
  • Compliance reporting for OEM

Annual Registration and Reporting

SLS can prepare and submit equipment manufacturer registration documents and annual reporting fees for each jurisdiction as required by law on your behalf.

Sampling of Covered Electronic Devices

We perform sampling of collected covered electronic devices or cooperate with relevant jurisdictions as they perform any mandatory brand sampling, allowing you to meet specific requirements in a streamlined and effective manner.

Ongoing Consultation on Legislative Updates

Trust Our In-House Experts

SLS uses in-house legislative analysts to closely monitor evolving electronic waste legislation and regulations in all jurisdictions, enabling us to act on behalf of our customers. Our expertise in the electronic recycling field eases the burden to manufacturers of complying with the complex maze of state-by-state regulatory requirements associated with extended producer responsibility.

Full Brand Protection

SLS provides reverse logistics and tracking to manage product recalls and certified destruction services.

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*Some specialty services described are only available regionally.