Don’t take unnecessary risks. Destroy digital data before it leaves your custody.

Because data breaches have become more common, companies are seeking to proactively manage digital data both in their live environment and on retired assets. On-site data destruction is being mandated more frequently today across large and small companies. Remove all data security risks associated with transporting data bearing assets.

We come to your location. At your convenience.

Services include:

  • Data destruction – via degaussing, crushing, erasure or on-site hard drive shredding. See below for a description of these services.
  • Inventory validation – All serial numbers of the storage devices are scanned and recorded and can be validated against client inventory lists. This service provides important audit trails, final inventory reconciliation and facilitates inventory reporting and same day Certificates of Data Destruction.
  • Packing and shipping of destroyed media, including shredded hard drives.
  • Certified recycling of destroyed drives at SLS facility.

Large On-Site Hard Drive Shredding Projects

We come to you…

Our mobile shred trucks ensure drives are completely destroyed. Equipped with industry-leading shredding technology, data destruction for thousands of storage devices can be performed daily.  Media that can be shredded include magnetic hard drives, solid state drives, back up tapes, CDs, DVDs, floppy disks and portable storage devices. Our hard drive shredding service allows clients to witness secure data destruction at your locations.crushing and on-site shredding services.

employees securely transporting parts harvested

Our Services Meet Key Industry Guidelines

With SLS, you can trust that you are working with an industry leader who will protect your data and your company reputation.

  • With SLS, you can trust that you are working with an industry leader who will protect your data and your company reputation.
  • Cyber security insurance shields against data breach liability
  • Helps meet regulatory requirements, including GDPR

At your office. Because sometimes, sensitive data simply cannot leave your business.

Lockable Storage Bins

SLS offers lockable storage bins to secure accumulated hard drives until destruction services are provided. These tamper-proof bins hold hard drives, CDs, DVDs, thumb drives, mobile phones & other data bearing storage devices until collections are sufficient to warrant a SLS technician coming on-site.  These secure bins can also be used to transport storage devices to a SLS facility for final processing.

Data Erasure

FOR: Magnetic hard drives and solid state drives

Erasing instead of destroying the hard drive enables clients to redeploy hard drives internally or resell erased hard drives. A great solution for destroying data, ensuring value recovery and extending the useful life of your IT equipment.


FOR: Loose magnetic hard drives and backup tapes

Data is destroyed through the use of powerful electromagnetic fields. The magnetic charge renders data unrecoverable.  Degaussing is quick and easy.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Effective only for magnetic drives and tapes. Degaussing does not destroy data on solid state hard drives.

Hard Drive Crushing

FOR: Small projects (less than 500 drives)

Our hard drive crushers provide a quick and convenient way to destroy small volumes of hard drives.

Case Study On-Site Data Destruction

SLS’ shredder vehicle and security-cleared staff visited nine sites and provided witnessed destruction of over 5,500 units of media.

“On this particular project the time constraints were limited but SLS were extremely helpful in ensuring the project was delivered on time to the customers’ specifications. The project was managed professionally and efficiently with SLS updating us at every step of the project.”


On-Site Data Destruction Video

SLS not only destroys data on-site we also execute the remaining services including refurbishment, redeployment, resale and recycling. Working with SLS, the leading vendor in the industry, you can rest assured your IT assets will be securely and responsibly managed.

This 2-1/2 minute video highlights how we destroy data on-site. Our on-site hard drive destruction services include data erasure, degaussing, crushing and on-site shredding services.

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