Advanced Electronics Recycling

Our advanced recycling infrastructure enables SLS to take a complex, highly engineered product, made up of dozens of materials and efficiently deconstruct this product to produce pure streams of raw materials that can be used to create new products. 

Our commitment to developing innovative solutions to responsibly recycle even the most challenging electronic products gives clients confidence that all areas of our business are responsibly managed.

printers to be recycled

Closed Loop Printer Recycling

Printer recycling represents a difficult e-waste industry problem. Printers contain a high percentage of plastic and steel, neither of which offer significant commodity value. The use of flame retardant plastic further complicates effectively recycling this equipment. Coupled with toner disposal issues, and the associated health risks, few recyclers choose to invest in a printer recycling line. Our recycling facility is outfitted with innovative equipment to responsibly tackle the challenges presented by printer recycling.

Improved Plastic Recycling

SLS is spearheading and implementing best-in-class plastic separation technology. Because electronics are manufactured from multiple types of plastic, efficiently separating these plastics from other commodity streams is essential to producing clean, recyclable material that increases reuse opportunities.

With our proprietary plastics processing line, we have effectively closed the loop for plastics recycling. Our advanced technology enables us to separate different types of plastic, which enables electronics manufacturers to reuse recycled plastic in producing new products. This is a huge step forward in sustainable recycling as plastics are one of the most problematic materials to recycle from electronics.

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