Case Study Sustainability

Developing Sustainable Partnerships

Working with Electronics OEMs

“We work closely with our clients to optimize material recycling and minimize environmental impact. It’s great to work with a client that is genuinely dedicated to working toward a circular economy.”

Sean Magann, SLS Global Vice President, Sales & Marketing

More than Recycling

Our OEM partners have shaped the future of the internet by creating unprecedented value and opportunity for their customers, employees, investors and ecosystem partners. Designing, manufacturing and selling networking equipment, they are worldwide leaders in networking – transforming how people connect, communicate and collaborate.

The Circular Economy

Working to transition to a restorative economy means concentrating resources on meaningful innovation. This includes a commitment to greener products, closing material loops and preventing harm to the environment. To support these goals, leading OEMs choose to work with Sims Lifecycle Services.

Secure product destruction is assured through Sims Lifecycle Services’ extensive metals and electronics recycling capabilities. Industry-leading shredding and separation operations maximize raw material extraction.

Partnership with Sims Lifecycle Services

Sims Lifecycle Services is the global leader in secure, sustainable and responsible disposition of retired electronics and data center equipment. Environmentally-sound processes and reliable centralized services ensure compliance with environmental and data security legislation.

Sims Lifecycle Services’ worldwide network of wholly owned and ­certified processing facilities support domestic processing of electronics and provide a comprehensive, yet economically viable, solution to the management of e-waste for its clients.

Electronics not only contain valuable commodities, they also contain several hazardous materials such as chromium and mercury. These materials could pose threats to human health and the environment if improperly handled, but responsible disposition of electronics eliminates these risks.


Using continuous process improvement techniques, Sims Lifecycle Services strives to recover higher amounts of material for recycling. Maximizing the recovery reduces the environmental impact of our processing plants and minimizes the impact of electronic materials, thus supporting our clients’ environmental objectives. A network of certified Sims Lifecycle Services processing facilities reinforce this sustainable business model and cradle-to-cradle partnership approach. The use of recycled materials during manufacturing dramatically reduces pollution and carbon emissions, energy and water consumption and conserves limited landfill space.

Circular Economy Processing

High-capacity shredders and advanced separation equipment renders electronic equipment into recyclable commodities. This can be done all while ensuring data security and brand protection. Sims Lifecycle Services facilities operate in accordance with local, national and international regulations.

Sims Lifecycle Services maintains the highest environmental management standards as well as a dedication to workplace safety. These commitments are required from all downstream vendors.

Trust. Transparency. Compliance.

Sims Lifecycle Services works with clients to provide comprehensive services to ensure that end-of-life equipment is responsibly processed on an international basis. A trusted partnership ensures compliance and traceability through:

  • Shared online management systems,
  • Chain of custody accountability,
  • Dedicated account management,
  • Detailed reporting, and
  • Certifications.

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