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Competitive Gaming is Booming

Riot Games develop, publish and support player-focused computer games, including League of Legends, the most played PC game in the world. Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, they employ 2,500 employees in 20 offices worldwide. Competitive gaming is a booming industry. Millions of people around the world are gaming enthusiasts, and those players are creating an ecosystem that is generating huge amounts of data. The 2018 League of Legends World Championship Finals was broadcast to 99.6 million viewers in 19 languages across 30 platforms. centers.

Infrastructure is crucial to support this growth. Gamers expect low latency and fast connections. Data center capacity and guaranteed uptime are needed to enable eSports companies to thrive. Riot Games has taken the bold step of building its own proprietary network to ensure super-fast connections for their users. Named Quartz, their internet super highway allows the 27 million people who play League of Legends every day to play uninterrupted. To support this Riot Games utilizes data center capacity in co-location data centers.

Data is vulnerable when it leaves your highly secure data center facilities. Sims Lifecycle Services’ secure and integrated services mitigate the risk associated with moving data and provide full traceability of all handled assets.

Willem Huiskes, SLS Commercial Lead for Riot Games

A Secure Chain of Custody

To ensure that the data contained within their data center locations is protected Riot Games utilize secure data decommissioning and destruction services from Sims Lifecycle Services. An ideal partner for Riot Games, SLS delivers customized smart hands, data destruction and recycling services worldwide.Data security is core to Riot Game’s culture.

You give us a lot of trust in us when you give us your info, and we don’t take that for granted. Keeping data safe is our number one priority – we have teams across security, engineering, and communications that work to protect you.

Since 2018 Sims Lifecycle Services has provided on-site data destruction, logistics and secure processing to Riot Games to manage redundant and retired data center assets, as well as its desktop and office equipment. Key to the service is the provision of full traceability of all assets. This allows Riot Games, at all times, to protect their global brand and avoid penalties associated with non-compliance to regulatory requirements.

Delivering Financial and Environmental Benefits

Sims Lifecycle Services strives to deliver services that contribute to a circular economy for data center equipment. Working to protect the environment, reducing our own environmental footprint and that of Riot Games, as well as conserving resources and reducing waste by maximizing reuse and minimizing landfill. Maximizing reuse allows our clients to recover value from their equipment. In the first year working with Sims Lifecycle Services, Riot Games received over $300,000 in revenue from their resold assets.

Data security is our top priority so we need a service provider that we can trust. Working with Sims Lifecycle Services means that we can protect our customer’s data in a secure and environmentally sustainable manner.

– Tomasz Ankudowicz, Riot Games

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