A well-defined, systematic program to manage disposition of retired IT assets is key to protecting your data, controlling your assets, maximizing value recovery and meeting regulatory and corporate risk management requirements.

IT asset disposal (ITAD) programs continue to evolve and mature. Regulations requiring companies to protect personally identifiable information (PII) of customers, employees and other stakeholders continue to become more restrictive. Data security is a top priority. Companies are seeking data secure and environmentally compliant programs to manage potential risks associated with unaccountable disposal of obsolete equipment.

National and global companies are taking charge of fragmented regional ITAD programs and consolidating and standardizing to a single program, managed holistically and consistently.

We enable you to systematically remove retired IT assets from your live environment and ensure all digital data is destroyed.

Our standard IT asset disposal services include:

Our services are supported by client portals for order requests and tracking, receipt/fulfillment, invoice submission, asset reporting and certificates of data destruction.

Ensure Responsible IT Asset Disposal

This five page white paper offers 6 tips for building a successful IT asset disposal program. Systematic handling of assets, risk management, data security, inventory tracking, reporting, asset resale and recycling are discussed.

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With processing facilities throughout the Americas, EMEA and APAC, SLS is well placed to directly support compliant recycling of electronic equipment and IT assets for multi-site national and global companies.

Details about SLS ITAD program

Our 21 processing facilities worldwide provide a solid foundation to support global it asset disposal (ITAD) programs. We also use vetted subcontractors to extend our geographic reach. To ensure that subcontractors provide a level of service and security that our global clients demand, they are vetted through our MIDAS program.

Our subcontracting auditing process, MIDAS, scores subcontractors on business, security, health and safety, environmental and social responsibility metrics. Through MIDAS, we are able to provide a worldwide network of vetted subcontractors to support our clients. Clients benefit from a standard service with complete transparency and cradle-to-grave accountability.

Our standardized processes include defined policies and procedures, written standard operating procedures, formalized checkpoints and standardized documentation and paperwork. All of our facilities operate under a single inventory management and accounting system, providing clients with a consistent and reliable it asset disposal (ITAD) solution.

Accounts are managed regionally simplifying vendor relations for our clients. SLS is able to quickly respond to new requests or special projects to ensure your company has the support it needs.

Our defined processes and integrated solution enables our clients to adhere to corporate risk management programs. Our secure facilities are an extension of an overall secure and efficient supply chain, ensuring full accountability for client assets and proprietary digital data.

We ensure data on all storage devices is completely erased or destroyed to prevent unauthorized access to your proprietary information.

With reuse, redeployment and recycling services as a single company, logistics costs are reduced. SLS’ logistics avoids greenhouse gas emissions by minimizing asset transport, reducing vehicle wear and improving vehicle utilization.

SLS is audited regularly by local, regional and country environmental organizations. We are audited and certified to the following industry quality standards; ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 27001 and R2:2013. Our on-site data destruction services in North America are NAID AAA certified.

SLS services help companies maintain compliance to the myriad of local, regional and international legislative requirements that must be adhered to for data security and e-waste disposal and documentation.

Cross-boundary movement of retired assets can be problematic if not properly managed. Leverage SLS’ expertise to avoid non-compliance penalties and ensure secure handling and costs are properly managed. SLS has broad capabilities that enable us to maximize value recovery while ensuring corporate compliance requirements are met.

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