IT Asset Disposition (ITAD)

A well-defined, systematic program to manage disposition of retired IT assets is key to protecting your data, controlling your assets, maximizing value recovery and meeting regulatory and corporate risk management requirements.

IT asset disposal (ITAD) programs continue to evolve and mature. Regulations requiring companies to protect personally identifiable information (PII) of customers, employees and other stakeholders continue to become more restrictive. Data security is a top priority. Companies are seeking data secure and environmentally compliant programs to manage potential risks associated with unaccountable disposal of obsolete equipment.

National and global companies are taking charge of fragmented regional ITAD programs and consolidating and standardizing to a single program, managed holistically and consistently.

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Did you know? Optimized ITAD programs lead to increased financial returns, bolstered security, and enhanced sustainability.

With the SLS ITAD Maturity Model, experience immediate benefits and elevate your company’s environmental reputation.

Ensure Responsible IT Asset Disposal

This seven page white paper offers 6 tips for building a successful IT asset disposal program. Systematic handling of assets, risk management, data security, inventory tracking, reporting, asset resale and recycling are discussed.

We enable you to systematically remove retired IT assets from your live environment and ensure all digital data is destroyed.

Our standard IT asset disposal services include:

Our services are supported by client portals for order requests and tracking, receipt/fulfillment, invoice submission, asset reporting and certificates of data destruction.

RFP Template

SLS has developed a handy guide to help in developing an effective ITAD RFP.

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