Secure Product Destruction for Defense and Aerospace Contractors

Security, brand protection and documented/verified destruction are core drivers of defense agencies and contractors when managing the physical destruction of retired equipment.

Brand Protection through Destruction

SLS provides certified destruction of proprietary technology including field gear, radar systems, prototypes, military hardware and computer and telecommunication equipment. We operate secure, certified and monitored facilities to manage destruction of equipment.

Services for Military, Law Enforcement and Defense Contractors

Witnessed Destruction

Should your compliance team require verification of destruction, we allow you to witness the compliant destruction of your equipment either in person at our processing facility or via webcam.

Industries Served

  • Aviation and aerospace contractors
  • Military
  • Department/Ministry of Defense
  • Defense Contractors
  • Homeland Security
  • Law Enforcement

One Vendor, One Solution

SLS provides secure online access for requesting services, monitoring equipment handling, and processing and generating reporting.

Our on-line reporting is flexible and provides:

  • Origin location of load
  • Tracking of shipment from pickup, receiving, processing and destruction
  • Dates of milestone events
  • Reporting itemized by item or weight, depending on client requirements
  • Certificate of Destruction
  • Financial settlements

Important Note:

Our portal manages the inventory and logistics of multiple sites, providing reporting by location as needed. This integrated solution introduces significant efficiencies in managing regional and global programs.

Global Companies Trust SLS

Our sister company, Sims Metal, is a global metal recycling company. Few companies can offer global electronics recycling and metal recycling solutions like Sims. Our status as a publicly traded company gives our clients confidence that we adhere to regulations and do not cut corners in managing our destruction services. We protect our clients’ brand reputation in the same way we protect our own.

Our certified facilities have the capacity and capability to handle complex destruction projects in a timely manner. Our services are secure and bolstered by pollution liability and cyber insurance and auditing of all downstream vendors.

Complementary Services Offered by Sims

Precious Metals Refining Services

We have rigorous protocols for handling and processing precious metals-bearing alloys frequently utilized in the aerospace and defense industries. As an ITAR certified company with locations throughout the world, we are able to support the global supply chains typical in the aerospace industry.

Unique to the Defense and Aerospace industries is the use of significant amounts of precious metals to meet stringent quality specs. We have the expertise to identify and process these metals in otherwise mundane scrap, allowing SLS to share the additional revenue back with the client.  Other options for revenue return are parts harvesting and resale of select parts, but only with the approval of the client. SLS has recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars for our clients from easy to pull components such as memory and processors.

Not All Recyclers Are The Same. Due Diligence is Important.

It is your responsibility, as the equipment owner, to make sure that your equipment is being processed consistent with your standards and regulatory requirements. Clients have told us they sought out SLS after other companies violated client agreements. The biggest missteps/controversial practices clients tell us have brought them to us:

Do a Site Visit Prior to Selecting a Vendor

We welcome the opportunity to showcase one of our premier facilities for potential clients. A tour and audit of one of our recycling centers demonstrates clear differentiators in the solution we offer to industrial clients.

A site audit reveals:

Certified and Audited Facilities

Request a Site Audit

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*Some specialty services described are only available regionally.