e-Recycling Programs for OEMs

While consumer e-waste recycling is straightforward. recycling and destruction projects for electronics manufacturers are more complex. OEM recycling projects typically include service definition, service level agreements, defined security protocols and detailed reporting to meet strict corporate compliance requirements.

Some equipment requires more effort in one phase than another. For instance, closer attention is paid to equipment with batteries as these can be a fire hazard in addition to being a health hazard. Printers also contain higher percentages of plastics so plastic separation becomes an important part of responsibly recycling printers.

It is common for us to manage multiple programs for the same manufacturer, based on product type, whether we are destroying new or used equipment and if data destruction is required.  Different material streams will require different reporting and tracking.  How different material is sorted will be defined during the on-boarding process with SLS.

The building blocks of a more complex project may consider these factors:

Pickup Request

Using the Sims Portal, a client requests a pickup with more detailed information about the material than strictly weight. It is common to specify piece counts, weight, and type of product to be picked up.


SLS Receiving and Inventory



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