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Services for Cloud Data Centers

As equipment is upgraded and older equipment is retired, hyperscale data centers require a vendor who can provide scaled solutions and expertise in repurposing data center equipment.

SLS provides innovative and nimble solutions for extending the lifecycle of retired data center equipment. We are expanding our use of robotics, virtual reality, and machine learning to provide solutions that handle hyperscale volumes.

Our recent track record demonstrates our ability to be agile when needed, to meet aggressive timelines and provide solid business solutions. SLS is a business of Sims Limited, a publicly traded company. The ability to scale at speed and to fund, innovate and deliver services sets SLS apart.

two sims lifecycle services employees moving server racks
stack of servers

Original Design Servers (ODS)

Custom-built servers and processors are common in hyperscale data centers. These proprietary servers change the typical reuse / recycling decisions for retired IT equipment.

We work with clients to provide guidance on how this equipment is best repurposed.

  • Can parts be harvested for stocking inventory or resale?
  • How do we ensure proprietary parts are secured and destroyed?
  • Can equipment be redeployed to other company-owned locations?
  • Is secure recycling the best way to protect any intellectual property?

Sustainable Data Center Decommissioning

The systematic reuse and recycling of retired IT equipment yields positive sustainability results by decreasing mining of natural resources to produce new products. Landfill volumes are also reduced helping to drive a circular economy.

Build-to-Suit Custom Recovery Facility

We work with hyperscalers to build and operate dedicated recovery facilities to process used equipment. These secure, custom built processing centers are staffed with SLS personnel and are sized to meet the volume demands of the largest cloud providers.

Reporting and Data Visualization

Data integration and visualization of production data are central to our data center services. We map and build custom solutions via API and EDI.

Strategic Redeployment

SLS Circular Centers focus on fulfilment for cloud data center clients. Clients send used servers to SLS, which we inventory and upgrade to their specifications. We hold the partial or near completed servers and, when the client orders equipment with a particular configuration, we install the required components and complete the order.