We Step Up When You Power Down

Our record of success includes working with data centers of all sizes to provide periodic decommissioning of data center equipment. In addition, we work with businesses who are closing corporate data centers as work moves to the cloud. We provide bulk on-site data destruction services, and complete resale and recycling services for retired data center equipment.  

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Colocation Data Center

Data center managers can focus on the live production environment while we provide systematic decommissioning and removal of retired IT assets and equipment. 

SLS offers full cage cleanouts, data destruction services, rack decommissioning, packing and shipping of decommissioned equipment and comprehensive inventory reporting.

Enterprise Data Center Shutdown

These data centers are in decline as work moves to the cloud. Projects typically are for permanent shut down of these sites.

Decommissioning of Stand-Alone Data Centers

  • Removal of all racked equipment, cabinets and cables
  • Decommissioning of servers
  • Physical inventory count of equipment, and asset list reconciliation
  • Destruction of data (either on-site or at a processing facility)
  • Stage, pack and ship equipment
  • Move equipment to a facility where assets are prepared for resale or recycling
  • Redeploy IT assets and server racks to another company owned property
  • Return end-of-lease equipment
  • Recycling of obsolete equipment and e-waste
removing hard drives from server rack
Female employee securing boxes using tape gun

Edge Data Centers (Modular Data Centers)

Edge data centers provide a local boost in processing capacity and reduced latency when needed. Also known as micro data centers, or micro-modular data centers (MMDC), they are typically self-contained and include servers, IT infrastructure, mechanical and electrical support. 

SLS provides turn-key decommissioning of these satellite data centers when they have outlived their useful life. In addition to destroying data on storage media, we decommission server racks, electrical and mechanical systems. Assets with resale value are sold, and other equipment is responsibly recycled. 

Build a Sustainable Reverse Supply Chain

Extending the lifecycle of data center equipment plays an integral role in the circular low-carbon economy. Reuse and recycling makes resources available to make new products.

Learn more about how SLS helps clients achieve and measure sustainability gains.