Circular Economy

SLS is committed to help drive “circular economy” initiatives with our clients. We help clients keep resources in use for as long as possible; extract the maximum value from those resources while in use; and then recover and regenerate products and materials at the end of their useful life.

Linear Materials Model

The traditional linear materials economy model, where raw materials are mined, products are produced and landfilled at the end of their useful life has proven to be unsustainable as the earth’s population continues to grow and we consume more products.

Circular Economy Model

Moving from an unsustainable linear model to a circular model is the path forward to avoid depleting finite raw material resources. Reusing and recycling retired IT assets and electronics enables our clients to benefit from improved processes, better environmental outcomes and improvement to the bottom line.

SLS Services

On behalf of our clients, SLS is responsible for discarded electronics. We refurbish, repair, remanufacture and restore equipment for continued useful life. In addition to facilitating reuse of electronic equipment, SLS also recycles equipment, transforming waste to raw material. Recycling diverts material from landfill or incineration and provides a feedstock for making next generation products.

SLS can help companies reimagine the traditional materials economy model use of electronics to a closed loop sustainable model. We encourage a more strategic discussion with our clients on how to manage electronic product lifecycles, reimagine supply chains, extend product design and reuse and recycle products.

Working together, SLS and our clients can challenge conventional models of design, manufacturing, distribution, reuse, and recycling, in an increasingly global, value-driven, competitive, regulated and resource-challenged marketplace.

SLS engages collaboratively with global clients to re-examine business models, to strengthen current approaches, and to plan for continual evolution towards a circular model based upon knowledge about disposition of retired electronic assets and managing their movement through reverse supply chain.

White Paper – Retired Electronics in a Circular Economy

An introduction to the Circular Economy and the role of retired electronics.

The white paper also covers which actions you can take today towards responsible reuse & recycling of end-of-life electronic products.

Case Study – Making Recycling Sustainable and Profitable

Our work with an electronic OEM to develop a true closed loop solution for printer plastic is delivering tangible financial and sustainability results.

View Case Study

Sustainability Report

View our annual sustainability achievements.

2020 Sustainability Report

Case Study – Developing Sustainable Partnerships

SLS works with clients to provide comprehensive services to ensure that end-of-life equipment is responsibly recycled on an international basis. Trusted and transparent, our services are compliant with global recycling standards.

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