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How Computer Recycling Has Advanced in Recent Years

(video transcript)
This video showcases several advances in computer recycling to improve quality of recovered raw materials that can be used to make next generation products. (2 minutes, 7 seconds)

As the global leader in electronics reuse and recycling, Sims Lifecycle Services drives innovation in the electronics recycling industry. This has led to several breakthroughs in the development of best practices for material separation, more proof of Sims’ leadership in the industry.
Each new Sims Lifecycle Services facility showcases our expertise and innovation and builds on our reputation as leaders in the industry. Our investment in sophisticated shredding separation technologies ensures that we provide our customers with the most efficient and effective and environmentally responsible reuse and recycling services possible
Sims uses the latest technologies to handle any e-cycling requirements, including the most demanding, like CRT monitors, printers, toner and batteries. Cleaner commodity streams increase the reuse potential of these materials and improves the recycling results.
The resulting material is transferred to refiners, smelters or reformulators to be transformed into materials into next generation products. The use of recycled materials in the manufacturing of new products has benefits that go far beyond material reuse. It reduces pollution and carbon emissions, reduces energy and water consumption and keeps useful materials out of landfills.
Environmentally responsible, with sustainable strategies, closing the loop on IT equipment lifecycle, helping to reducing downcycling trends. Uniquely positioned to meet the challenges of the electronics recycling industry.
We are Sims Lifecycle Services.

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