Section 6 – What hardware inventory information should I gather?

Accurately identifying what equipment will be decommissioned is critical. Most data centers will provide the decommissioning vendor with a list of equipment to be decommissioned. The vendor will compare this list to a physical inventory count as equipment is removed from the live environment.

Know what your company’s policy is regarding how data bearing assets are managed. Have a plan for how decommissioned lease returns will be managed. Is there an area available for the vendor to work? They will need a secure staging area with internet access where they can perform inventory counts, data destruction (if done on-site) and prepare equipment for shipment.

Equipment Information

  • Model
  • Serial number
  • Server asset tag RFID
  • Device name
  • Equipment type
  • Estimated weight

Equipment Location

  • Data center location (if multiple)
  • Grid location
  • Parent/child designations
    • Rack number
    • Server serial number
    • Hard drive serial number

Equipment Condition

  • Powered off
  • Network cables removed
  • Power cables disconnected
  • Data bearing device?

Details Can Make a Difference

Equipment dimensions and weight – Most vendors can estimate this information. If available, it makes it easier to plan for on-site tools and space needed and can help make transportation planning more efficient.

Map of data center layout, pinpointing targeted equipment – This helps to estimate distance equipment will need to be moved and anticipate any logistical roadblocks.

Access restrictions and conflicts – Knowing if other contractors will be working in the data center helps eliminate conflicts and minimize delays.

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Launching a data center decommissioning project?

This planning guide outlines other details to consider to ensure your decommissioning project is methodically managed and completed.