On-Site Data Destruction

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How Data on Hard Drives are Destroyed On-Site

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See different processes for destroying data in a controlled manner at your office. This is important for meeting regulatory and corporate compliance programs. (2 minutes, 27 seconds)

Have you considered the risks that exist when disposing of hard drives and other digital storage devices?

Irresponsible IT asset disposal can result in data breaches and can damage your reputation, result in financial and legislative penalties, staff terminations, and has the potential to put executives and others at risk of civil or criminal prosecution.

Sims Lifecycle Services’ on-site data destruction services offer complete guaranteed data destruction at your location while assets are still in your custody.

We offer a portfolio of on-site data destruction services, so a customized solution can be developed to meet your specific needs.

If a storage device has reuse or resale value, our industry leading data removal software can eradicate all digital data from magnetic and solid state drives while maintaining reuse potential.

For storage media not intended for reuse, Sims offers on-site degaussing and shredding solutions. Our hard drive degaussing services offer a quick and convenient data destruction solution for magnetic drives. We also offer a low-volume crushing system or our custom-engineered industrial shredding machine, capable of shredding thousands of hard drives per day down to nominal-sized pieces.

Sims Lifecycle Services can ensure all your data is removed and retired hardware is reused or disposed of responsibly.

Our fully-certified on-site digital data destruction services are convenient and help clients stay in compliance with any related laws and regulations.

Degaussed hard drives and shredded hard drive residual will be securely transported to one of our owned and operated facilities for final processing, in preparation for commodity recycling.

This leaves you free to focus on your working devices, so Sims can manage the rest.

Ensure all devices are accounted for, comply with the law and protect your company, at your convenience.

On-Site Data Destruction Services