Responsible Electronics Recycling in Pennsylvania

We are pleased to offer the citizens of Pennsylvania proper disposal of their unwanted electronics in support of your state Covered Device Recycling Act. It is important that these devices be managed at the end of their useful lives in such a way as to prevent harm to the environment, the communities in which the devices are disposed and the workers processing the equipment. At the same time, these devices contain material that can be used in the manufacturing of new products. Material such as steel, aluminum, plastic, copper and precious metals can be separated and returned to the marketplace, giving them new life in new products.

The Department of Defense no longer establishes a standard for erasing data on hard drives and similar devices. The only way to safely protect the information stored on these devices is through the destruction of the device. Drilling a hole in the device or damaging it sufficiently to prevent its use is recommended.

Electronic Devices That Can Be Recycled

All of the collection sites will accept, at no cost to the consumers:

  • Desktop/Laptop
  • Keyboard/Mouse
  • LCD Monitor/CRT Monitor
  • All-in-one/Inkjet/Laserjet Printer
  • TVs

Find a Local Drop-Off Location or Collection Event

Click on the link below to find a local drop-off location or collection event for your old electronics. All hard drives are shredded or erased, ensuring total privacy and 100% data destruction.