Certified Recycling Centers across the Globe

SLS offers leading recycling capabilities for broken or obsolete data center equipment. Recycling unusable equipment extracts raw materials from e-waste that can be used to manufacture new products.

  • We help our clients manage questions that come up including?
  • What industry regulations in each country need to be considered regarding data privacy?
  • Is there legislation regarding e-waste disposal? What changes are on the horizon that may impact how to dispose of e-waste?
  • Have there been industry regulatory changes in specific countries that impact disposition of IT assets?

How We Recycle Electronics

See How We Do It

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Environmental Compliance

Companies today have strict requirements for adhering to regulatory frameworks and meeting their corporate environmental standards. Our Safety, Health, Environment, Community and Sustainability (SHECS) team plays an important role in ensuring your equipment is processed in an environmentally compliant manner.  Our recycling centers are certified to industry and government standards.

Certifications Explained
asset tracking at SRS facility

Hazardous Waste Disposition

Batteries, toners, inks, mercury bulbs, and CRT monitors are common items that require special handling when recycling e-waste. Responsible recyclers will manually remove these hazardous items from assets prior to recycling. These materials will be packaged and sent to downstream vendors for final processing. It is SLS’ policy that all materials—hazardous or not—are recycled in an environmentally sound manner.


Through the Sims Portal, we produce reports that provide an audit trail to meet corporate and regulatory requirements. Audit trails, certificates of data destruction, remarketing reports and financial settlements are all part of our standard reporting package. Our portal provides convenient on-line access to all documentation, work orders and resale reports.

  • Multiple users can securely log in from anywhere, through a roles based access control system
  • Secure access to all of our core services
  • Server lookup by serial number to confirm resale or recycling

Recycling Services

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