Does SLS take broken and obsolete data center equipment? Will you recycle network and power cables?

Yes. Data center recycling is one of the strengths of SLS. Our technical teams have the expertise to recover value from equipment with resell potential. In addition, we have made the significant capital investment in advanced recycling equipment that enables us to responsibly recycle data center it asset e-waste. This provides an environmentally responsible solution for disposition of data center equipment and server recycling. We meet local, regional and country specific environmental regulations.

Additional information on data center asset recycling can be found here.

What gets recycled from scrapped electronics?

Electronics recycling is a core competency of SLS. We are able to recycle most materials from IT equipment. Batteries, because they are a fire hazard, are removed prior to recycling. Using different technologies, we recycle steel, iron, copper, aluminum, circuit boards and plastic. Monitors require special handling due to leaded glass in large CRT monitors and mercury in LCD monitors.

Many materials recovered from electronics recycled in North American and Europe are shipped to Asia, since most new manufacturing is done there.  In 2018, China curtailed the import of most recycled plastic. SLS has proactively worked with electronic manufacturers to develop a plastic recycling process that allows printer plastic to be recovered and used to manufacture new printers.  This is an important industry advancement as the recycling ecosystem continues to evolve.

Responsible Data Center Asset Disposal

SLS facilities are certified to ISO 14001, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 27001 and ISO 45001 standards. Our recycling facilities are R2:2013 certified. This helps our clients ensure that no shortcuts are taken in providing an environmentally sound recycling solution.

Industry Certifications

Data Center E-Waste Recycling Video

If you are interested in how data center e-waste is recycled, view this video.

View Electronic Recycling Video

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