Why Destroy Data On-site?

As soon as retired electronic equipment leaves the data center, any intact data become vulnerable to exposure and can result in a potential data breach. Companies remain responsible for the security of collected data even after assets have been removed from your data center.

Don’t take any unnecessary risks. When security is absolutely paramount, you need to ensure your data is destroyed before IT assets leaves your premises. This removes all data risk associated with transporting material.

SLS offers a range of services for destroying sensitive data at our clients’ data centers. We help you meet regulatory requirements for data protection and avoid penalties for lack of compliance.

SLS offers data destruction solutions for:

Data Destruction Methods

Lockable Storage Bins

For Secure Hard Drive Storage

SLS offers lockable storage bins to secure accumulated hard drives until destruction services are provided. The SLS tamper-proof bins have been designed for any electronic media to be safely stored in a steel plate, tamper proof bin in your data center awaiting secure destruction. Typically used for loose hard drives, tapes, thumb drives, mobile phones, CDs, DVDs and other data bearing storage devices.

For Hard Drive Transport

Some projects require secure transport from a client location to a SLS facility.  Lockable bins provide an affordable solution for certain situations. The secured bins increase the security of assets during shipment.

Benefits of Working with SLS

At our facilities, hard drives are erased or shredded, depending on size and client requirements.

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