Hard Drive Shredding at Data Centers and Large Offices

Don’t take any unnecessary risks. When security is absolutely paramount, you need to ensure your data is destroyed before it leaves your premises. SLS offers high volume hard drive destruction services at your facility.

Shredding of magnetic hard drives (HDD), solid state hard drives (SSD) and backup tapes is fully supported. Trucks equipped with shredders provide this convenient service, which is popular with large clients and data centers.

Hard drive serial numbers are scanned prior to shredding to facilitate final inventory reconciliation. Same day Certificates of Data Destruction can be provided.


  • On-site data destruction at your premises
  • Meets government standards for data sanitization
  • Up to 2500 hard drives per day can be shredded
  • 100% guaranteed data destruction
  • Certificates of Data Destruction issued for your audit trails and records
  • 24/7 traceability for all your assets
  • Trust that you are working with an industry leader who understands your data security risks

Why Shred On-Site?

This shredding service removes all data security risks associated with transporting data bearing assets. An added benefit is you can witness hard drive destruction processes and confirm that all data has been destroyed.

Recycling of Shredded Hard Drives

Any residual equipment and material resulting from hard drive shredding will be recycled in-house by SLS.

Need Data Destruction Services?

Large companies and data centers trust SLS to provide reliable data destruction services.

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