How We Do It

Diverse waste streams from our clientele

We receive material in many different forms including liquids, sludges, dusts and powder, metal scrap and parts and components from obsolete equipment. These materials have a varying range of precious metals that can be recovered. Some materials we receive are hazardous and requires special handling.

We process all these materials in such a way that the precious metal is separated from impurities and concentrated, making them suitable for downstream refining.

We maximize value recovery from customers' materials:

  • Process material to facilitate handling and sampling
  • Determine precious metal content using in-house world-class assay laboratory
  • Accurate precious metal calculations as a result of top notch laboratory
  • Prepare material for final processing
  • Final financial settlement is calculated and clients are paid approximately 45 days after receipt.
  • Clear, easy to read settlements
  • Flexible payment options

Our Processes – Offering Five Routes to Revenue

Multiple processing options translates to maximized returns for our customers.

Chopping (Mechanical Reduction)

Mechanical reduction is effective for size reduction for electronics, printed circuit boards, assemblies and components.  Size reduction allows us to collect a homogeneous sample to determine material value

Roasting (Thermal Oxidation)

Roasting is used for wet materials and material containing organics, including sludges, residues and burnables. We are equipped with high capacity natural gas-fired ovens to process large volumes of materials.  Our ovens are equipped with afterburners and a baghouse for pollution control and oven efficiency. The roasting process burns off many impurities and produces dry material suitable for sampling or additional processing.


Dry crushable materials are milled, enabling us to take a representative sample from our rotary sampler to determine precious metal content. We utilize vibratory and vertical ball mills.

Chemical Processing (Solutions Plating and Metal Stripping)

Typically, plating and stripping solutions will be plated out to extract precious metals from the solution.  Plated parts can be submerged in a chemical bath to recover precious metals from the parts.  Our chemical processing includes cyanide stripping.


We operate ten natural gas-fired furnaces with graphite crucibles to produce precious metal bullion. Alloying precious metals with copper ensures melt homogeneity and accurate sampling results.

5 Ways to Benchmark Your Recovery Program

Are you sure your current vendor is returning maximum value to you?

Do the Numbers Add Up?

Send us actual data from previous loads, or detailed photos of the material ready to refine, then we’ll provide you with a detailed financial analysis.