Data Protection Regulation and Compliance

Companies across the globe are required to have processes in place to ensure personally identifiable information (PII) is protected. Legislation has been implemented in many countries to ensure companies have defined processes in place to ensure personal data protection within their organization.  The new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) legislation, implemented in May 2018 is the most recent and impactful versions of regulatory requirements.

Helping Our Clients Meet Legislative Requirements

ITAD asset tracking

SLS operates globally and works with our clients to ensure data on retired assets is destroyed. In addition to our data destruction services, one of the biggest deliverables we offer to our clients is “demonstrability”. For audit purposes associated with regulatory compliance, defined processes that enable our clients to demonstrate discipline, due diligence and best practices in how assets were handled and data destroyed are critical. Documentation (inventory reports, Certificates of Data Destruction, where and when events happened) from SLS provides proof that processes were followed and that data was responsibly destroyed.  Should a client undergo a legislative audit, our clients can demonstrate that assets and data were disposed compliant with regulations, in a consistent, repeatable and predictable manner.

SLS Compliance

SLS has a Data Privacy Officer (DPO) on staff to ensure our compliance with the recent GDPR legislation. As part of our own internal GDPR audit, we have undergone a security audit across all our facilities. We have standardized security measures across all facilities and are implementing smart technology integrated into our IT systems, allowing better real-time monitoring of activity within our facilities.

We operate systematically to preserve order in all areas of our business. Our processes are defined, predictable and repeatable. As a publicly traded company, we adhere to financial regulatory requirements and have formalized risk management and business continuity programs in place.

What Exactly is GDPR?

Learn more about GDPR and how it may impact your organization.


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IT Asset Disposition and GDPR Video

This 44 minute video discusses what you need to know about GDPR when managing your retired IT assets.

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Environmental Compliance

wind turbine

Clients trust SLS to properly dispose of e-waste and hazardous waste associated with ITAD and electronics recycling programs. SLS employs strong environmental, health and safety (EH&S) teams at our facilities who provide environmental oversight of our operations and manage our facility certifications. SLS seeks certifications to demonstrate to clients that our facilities are responsibly managed, adhere to local, regional and federal regulations and demonstrate best industry practices.

  • Our processes are consistent with Environmentally Sound Management (ESM) principles:
  • All electronic hardware is 100 percent recycled
  • Nothing is exported unless it is to an ESM facility
  • Defined and comprehensive EH&S practices
  • Comprehensive Industrial Hygiene Control
  • Ensure full downstream accountability for disposition of hazardous waste. Downstream vendors are audited.
  • Fully permitted

Hi Quality Recycling Results – Clean Commodities

Our in-house engineering team produces complex shredding and separation equipment.  This advanced equipment enables us to produce clean separated commodity streams of steel, aluminum, copper, plastics and metallic fines.  Less contamination in the separated commodity streams is more environmentally friendly and makes it easier to reuse this recycled material in producing next generation products.


No e-waste is sent to landfill by SLS. Some packaging & inert materials resulting from our processing of electronic waste does result in landfill disposal (<1%). We separate, crush and recycle cardboard and Styrofoam packaging that is a by-product of our operations and sort and donate reusable items such as laptop bags and paper from printers and copiers.

Certificate of Recycling and Certificate of Sustainability Available

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