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IT asset disposition (ITAD) and data center services offered at Sims Lifecycle Services (SLS) Circular Centers support the evolution toward circularity. Clients benefit from data security, maximum IT value recovery, global compliance and sustainable IT use.

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How Does Your ITAD Program Measure Up?

Ready to rethink your ITAD program? Get your copy of “SLS ITAD Maturity Model”, a 40- page guide to help you reimagine your current ITAD program.

About Us

SLS plays a critical role in helping businesses and data centers manage the profound shift in how and where technology is managed. As a worldwide leader in IT asset and cloud infrastructure reuse, redeployment, recycling and refining, SLS offers IT asset disposition (ITAD) and e-waste recycling solutions for businesses. Our data center division plays a hands-on role in decommissioning IT equipment, bulk hard drive destruction and repurposing data center parts and equipment.

In business since 2002, SLS continues to drive innovation in both our industry and the circular economy, and ensures data safe solutions in everything we do.

SLS enables decarbonization of data center infrastructure and other IT assets, through reuse and recycling. Our smart operating principles and leading industry infrastructure make sense for your bottom line and your sustainability goals. We drive value recovery while at the same time developing closed loop solutions.

ITAD RFP Template

Developing a systematic IT asset disposal program? Our RFP template for IT asset disposition helps you ask all the right questions.

Need a Global Solution?

SLS has IT asset disposal and e-recycling facilities globally, enabling us to support the largest businesses and electronic OEMs

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Sustainability Calculator

Our advanced calculator enables clients to quantify carbon emissions avoided by reusing and recycling IT assets.

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