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Material Management

We work with clients to develop programs that best recaptures their financial investment in retired IT assets.

Instead of sourcing exclusively new IT equipment for evolving equipment needs, clients collaborate with SLS to determine opportunities to refurbish and redeploy equipment to less demanding environments within their organization. Some clients use our smart parts management program where we recover certain parts for internal reuse and upgrading of existing IT assets, thereby extending the useful life of existing equipment. More traditional services include reselling assets, on our clients’ behalf, through our well established e-commerce and wholesale channels.

Systematic Operations Protect Our Clients

Our SLS facilities operate to defined processes supported by written standard operating procedures (SOPs). Defined and repeatable processes, audit trails and standardized processing of equipment have become mainstays in SLS’ ITAD programs.

This standardization ensures that companies can demonstrate data has been safeguarded and destroyed in a systematic and consistent manner, compliant with required legislation.

  • Assurance that some offices aren’t shortcutting systems and bypassing protocols
  • Better accountability of how all assets are disposed
  • Reduced logistics costs as handling is standardized and streamlined
  • Tracking and reporting systems to provide a clear audit trail from pickup to final disposition
  • Standardized invoicing and settlements
  • Guidance in laws and requirements that affect the transportation and processing of obsolete assets.  This guidance protects clients from fines, fees and penalties and more importantly adverse publicity in the responsible disposition of assets.


Shared Data, Shared Insights

Data Integration

Data on how assets are processed can be uploaded into client systems via API or EDI integration.

Sims Portal

The Sims Portal provides a secure and user friendly platform for managing your ITAD services, tracking your IT assets and generating reports. The Sims Portal provides a holistic view of your assets, from the time an order is placed to final disposition. Work orders are centrally managed and asset reuse and recycling reports are conveniently available. We are able to provide updated progress on assets as they move through our process and provide comprehensive reporting to document audit trail and facilitate compliance with legislative requirements.

We Are Where You Are, Across the Globe

SLS is a leader in providing global ITAD and e-waste recycling services. We operate facilities in Americas, EMEA and APAC and have a large vetted subcontractor network to support global clients in regions where we do not operate directly.

Transboundary Movement of Retired IT Equipment and Electronics

As a global service provider, we play an important role in helping clients manage their reverse supply chain. We advise on transboundary movement of IT assets and e-waste, ensuring compliance with country specific regulations. We play an important role in delivery a compliant service for our global clients and protecting them from international fines.

Global Billing

SLS has worked through the complexities associated with estimating and collecting duties, taxes and VAT, currency exchange rates, shipping documentation required, payment methods, pricing currency and payment methods. SLS has successfully navigated the complex negotiations with clients and subcontractors around issues including agreements on how assets are priced and shipped, presentation and approval of payments and charges and aligning to client business models.

Helping Our Client Achieve Sustainability Goals


SLS has a compelling story to tell regarding tangible programs to reduce environmental impact. Our corporate vision statement is to “create a world without waste to preserve our planet”. Our viability as a business is dependent on maximizing value recovery, for us and our clients, from retired IT assets and electronics. Reuse is preferred, when possible, over recycling as achieving this goal results in better financial and environmental outcomes. These outcomes are balanced with a disciplined approach in handling assets, as our clients also require proof that data is destroyed.

Investments in Sustainability

SLS strives to conduct our business in a way that protects the environment and reduces our environmental footprint, conserves resources and reduces waste, ultimately maximizing reuse and minimizing landfill. We have the global expertise and infrastructure necessary to guarantee that electronic equipment is handled in an environmentally sustainable way, data is securely deleted, and compliance risks are eliminated.

SLS proactively is at the forefront of improving electronic recycling processing. This focus drives the creative application of technology in our recycling facilities, resulting in decreased environmental impact and increased material recovery. Our continued investment in capital equipment increases efficiencies, including better metal separation. Each of these improvements provides more complete material separation, resulting in cleaner commodity material output, more sustainable reuse potential and therefore contributes to a more circular economy.

Corporate Awards

For the sixth time, in January 2020, Sims was recognized as one of the world’s 100 most sustainable companies by the World Economic Forum in Davos Switzerland. Measured by several metrics, this award recognizes our sustainable initiatives and for being responsible corporate citizens on the global stage.