Will my company get paid for decommissioned servers?

In most cases, you will be paid for your used data center equipment, depending on age and condition. Our core business is recovering residual value from retired IT equipment. To gain top dollar for our clients, we sell used server equipment through multiple e-commerce channels.

Your equipment is simultaneously listed on multiple retail websites. This ensures broad exposure to a wide range of potential buyers, helping ensure we sell your equipment at the right price in the right market at the right time.

Pricing Analytics Determines Optimum Sales Price

We have built an internal pricing tool that continually monitors key online marketplaces, to track the sale value of completed transactions. We combine those tools with our historical and forward trending broker prices to maximize the proceeds.

We use this information to conduct trend analyses and to forecast price variations and trends, for ourselves and for our clients.

Bundle and Broker Services

Our strong relationships with brokers who specialize in data center equipment provide additional sales channels for quickly selling your data center equipment.

If equipment is too old or broken, we responsibly recycle your equipment.

Recycling Services

Learn about our data center recycling services.

Equipment Recycling

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